Site Council

SLE Site Council 
Meeting 3/22/22


Tax credit expenditures 
Corby will seek input

Link to Tax Credit Budget Report 

Expenses (this year): 
Art teacher (itemized on budget report)
Materials for garden: $164.40 
Projected Field Trip (zoo): $185.00

5 Questions - must answer YES to all 5 when using tax credit funds: 
Is the activity school-sponsored?
Is the activity for enrolled students? 
Is the activity educational? 
Is the activity optional? 
Is the activity non-credit? 

Addressing the learning gap (COVID)
Corby will speak to this 

Table for next meeting: 
How test scores are reported to parents 
Recruitment of high level teachers 
After school activities (add more opportunities)
Dismissal procedures/safety 
Campus/bathroom cleanliness/appearance