School Newsletter

During the school year a newsletter will be sent via email to parents. Typically the Roadrunner Review will be emailed. All parents/guardians that have emails within our system will receive the Roadrunner Review.

If for some reason you have not received the email please contact, Carol Cole our campus registrar to make sure your email is up to date and help to keep you in the loop!

Roadrunner Review




Front Office Procedures

School safety is our priority at Scott Libby. The front office will remain locked during the school day.


  • Please ring the doorbell and a front office staff member will let you in.
  • If you are picking up your student or on the campus, please have a picture ID available to present to staff.


Student Pick Up

We have a change this year regarding our student pick up in the afternoon. In an effort to keep students safe and shorten the pick up line and dismissal time, we will no longer be having students wait outside of the school for pick up. Students will be waiting in the library, supervised by teachers, until their parent arrives. The library provides a safe environment for students to wait, due to inclement weather and other unforeseen safety concerns.


SLE Families who pick up their children at dismissal- you do NOT need to download the Pikmykid app to start the school school year. All you need is the number card provided at Open House by your child's homeroom teacher. Please place that in your window for pick up. Staff will be inputting your child/children's number into the app at dismissal for you. If you do not attend Open House, we can look up your child's name at dismissal Monday. If you have more than one child at pick up, please place all the cards in there for the first week. We will work to create one card per family.


AASA Reports

AASA Student Reports will be sent home with students in grades 4 and 5 the first week of school.

Student Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Parking Lot Procedures.pdf

LESD Transportation

Transportation - Bus Routes and Information

LESD Food Services

Welcome to the 2022/2023 School Year. Litchfield Elementary School District #79 will be offering healthy meals to all students every school day. This year, meals are NO LONGER FREE to all students. To be eligible for Free or Reduced-Price Meals, you MUST complete an application and be approved for benefits under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. All Litchfield families are encouraged to apply for the Free and Reduced Price Meal Assistance Program, and applications are available at and at all District schools and cafeterias. Only one application is needed for all of your children enrolled in the Litchfield Elementary School District (K–8). Student meals cost $1.60 for Breakfast ($0.30/Reduced Price) and $2.85 for Lunch ($0.40/Reduced Price) and include the student's choice of Meat, Grain, Vegetables, Fruit, and Milk. School meals are a good value for families. For example, a home-packed lunch of a Hotdog and Bun, Banana, Cold Veggies, and Milk from a local grocery store would cost approximately $2.58. Our meals consist of many healthy choices, including their choice of entrées, a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and salads from our salad bars featuring multiple fresh fruit and vegetable options.


Technology 1:1 Plan for LESD

To prepare students for the unprecedented opportunities that await citizens of the 21st century, Litchfield Elementary School District recognizes that a thorough understanding of technology is essential for extraordinary learning opportunities.

Educational technology, thoughtfully and appropriately applied, will enhance not only the learner-centered experiences of all students, but also the professional growth of Litchfield Elementary School District’s faculty and staff. Integrating technology into the classroom environment can transform student learning experiences and increase opportunities for students to think critically, work collaboratively, be creative, and communicate in today’s society.

All Litchfield Elementary School District schools operate in a tech-rich environment with all K-8 students offered a 1:1 device. The availability of one-to-one student devices allows teachers to design learning experiences using e-textbooks and curriculum with embedded links, video, 3D graphics, simulations, collaborative publishing, and instant access to reference information.

Litchfield Elementary School District encourages parents and community members to visit their local school to learn more about the resources available and the ways in which teachers and students are interacting with technology.

24-hour Vector Alert Line

In order to maintain the safest learning environment, the Litchfield Elementary School District offers a 24-hour Vector Alert Line for students, parents and community members to anonymously report incidents or suspicious activity.


Safety is one of our district's top priorities, that's why we're now using Vector Alert, a tip reporting system that allows students, staff, and parents to submit safety concerns to our administration four different ways:


1. App: Search for “Vector Alert” in the App Store to download for free

2. Phone: 623.207.1768

3. Email:

4. Web:


Easily report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism or any safety issue you're concerned about. Tips may be submitted anonymously too. Thanks in advance for helping to make our school community a safer place to work and learn! We appreciate your support.


During the first two weeks of school there will be no volunteers or family members on campus for lunch. This will give students and staff an opportunity to become familiar with the everyday routines and schedules.


If you are interested in volunteering, be sure to visit our district website to complete the volunteer training. This needs to be completed each school year.


The award-winning Scott Libby's PTA is one of the key components that makes this a tremendous school. Our family and community involvement makes us unique and sets us apart from other schools. Please reach out to see how you can join and support our SLE PTA!




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